50 Beautiful Senior Photographers Announced!

50 Beautiful H.S. Senior Photographers Announced!

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50 Photographers Announced

The 50 Beautiful H.S. Senior campaign has our whole hearts!  This year we had more talent apply than we could have imagined and we can’t wait to tell the stories of 50 seniors across the globe.  AND these seniors will be able to apply for one of our senior scholarships.  We are changing lives together, friends!

If you are one of the photographers on the list, please

Please request to join our private FB group just for this campaign, here.
Follow the instructions in the FB group.

If you did not make the list, please
First, thank you so much! We appreciate YOU and your big hearts!
Make sure you are part of Beauty Revived’s FB group, here. We also encourage you to join our Real Beautiful People group!
Get ready for our next campaign 50 Beautiful Golden Couples, opening up in mid July!

  1. Kim Rollwitz Photography
  2. Erin Byrn Photography
  3. Slice of Lime Photography
  4. Emily Dobson Photography
  5. Melissa Waller Photographer
  6. Farm Fresh Photography
  7. Alyssa Chappell Photography
  8. Stephanie Hopkins Photography
  9. Dynae Levingston Photography
  10. Kirstie Kay Photography
  11. Jacki M Photography
  12. Marilyn Cutler Photography
  13. Lasting Memories by Marjean
  14. Kristina Rose Photography
  15. Kelly Lynne Fotos
  16. Clara Bella Photography
  17. Tenesha Masaitis Photography
  18. Holly Omlor Photography
  19. Leighellen Lanskov Photography
  20. Daniele Elyse Photography
  21. Sunshine Soul Photography
  22. Chelsea Peterson Photography
  23. Beth Stremlau Photography
  24. Lucia Gill Photography
  25. Corrie Barto Photography
  26. Lasting Memories Photography
  27. Mackenzie Lee Photography
  28. Angie Blackburn Photography
  29. Amie Reinholz Photography
  30. Nikki Guest Photography
  31. Stephanie Newbold Photography
  32. Rachel Venema Photography
  33. Aly Inspired Photography
  34. Jessica Stopper Photography
  35. Ashley Lenard Photography
  36. Imagery by Carissa
  37. Destinee Stark Photography
  38. Thomas Nguyen
  39. Leigh Ann Barba
  40. Nicole Lopez Photography
  41. Gray Seniors
  42. Lacey M Carroll Photography
  43. Lauren Anderson Photography
  44. Kim Arredondo Photography
  45. Erica McKimmy Photography
  46. Urban Willow Studio
  47. Ashlee Murr Photography
  48. Janet Ramos Photography
  49. E Cubed Photography
  50. Sherri Strawn Photography
  51. Michelle Koechle Photography
  52. Kaci Layne Photography
  53. Amanda Evans Images
  54. Mendek Photography, LLC
  55. Suzanne Mellot Photography

We are so very thankful for each of you who applied to be a part of this campaign! We truly hope you consider still donating a session to a deserving senior in your community and submitting your session to our Real Beautiful People group for a chance to have your senior featured on our blog and social media!

All our best,

Michelle & Katrina

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