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Beauty Revived is a site built by a community of photographers with a desire to use their lens for good.  Visit daily to see their photographs tell the stories of real women with real beauty that inspire and uplift.

  • If you are a photographer with a desire to use your lens for something more than a portrait
  • if you believe photography should be more than just about pictures but about stories, this site is for you
  • If you believe that women are more than the shape of their body, you’re in the right place, this site is for you
  • if you desire to be a force for good in changing the definition of beauty, well, welcome friend! this site is for you

Beauty Revived loves to celebrate real beauty.  Four times a year, we host a campaign with a specific subject in mind like moms, seniors, children or women.  These sessions are featured in the Beauty Revived magazine and on our blog.

Want to meet some out-of-this world amazing women, take a read here.

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Been looking around at the teenagers in your life and need to feel hopeful about the future of humanity?  Get to know our seniors here.  

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In the past two years, Beauty Revived has featured more than 350 stories of beauty.  But, we haven’t done alone.  We’ve worked with Senior Style Guide, Denim and Grace, Lemonade and Lenses, Mozi Magazine, The Snap Society, The Photographer’s Element and more!

Pretty amazing right?!  We should be in the news…oh wait!  We were in the news.  Check out our TV interviews here.

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Michelle Gifford of Beauty Revived Real women real beauty photographers using their lens for goodP I N_______I M A G EOh, hey you!  It’s me.  Michelle.  I’m a photographer.

High school can be hard.  I remember and I am reminded every time I work with a high school seniors for their senior pictures.  Senior pictures are more than pictures.  If done right, they are a glimpse into the inner beauty of these teens.  I looked around and saw that there weren’t very many people telling these teens what real beauty was and there weren’t many celebrating the real beauty in each of them.  I wanted to change all of that and so a piece of Beauty Revived was born. (read the whole story here)

I say a piece of Beauty Revived was born there because, honestly, I didn’t know it would grow to this.  I had a drive, a passion, a background in Public Relations and business and I had a desire to make a difference.

As editor in chief of Beauty Revived magazine, I get to create, with the help of 50 other photographers, the only magazine on the market that focuses on inner beauty.

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