Beauty Revived Ambassador

So, you love Beauty Revived and using your lens for good but the four big campaigns a year just aren’t enough? We know, you are definitely our kind of people. For those who want to do more, we have created Beauty Revived Ambassadors. Ambassadors are able to gather smaller groups of photographers in their own community and create their own campaigns. It is pretty amazing! So here are the details!

What are the benefits of being a BR Ambassador?

The best benefit of being a BR Ambassador is creating community and using your lens for good on a local front! As a BR Ambassador you will have the opportunity to partner with other local photographers, joining like-minded forces to highlight real women and real beauty in your community. You will also have the opportunity to work with local businesses and agencies, getting to know your local businesses and local agencies is a great way to network personally and professionally!

What are the responsibilities of being a Beauty Revived Ambassador?

As a Beauty Revived Ambassador, you are partnering with Beauty Revived and bringing the movement to your local community. You will partner with other local photographers and run your own local Beauty Revived Campaigns. We ask that you organize a minimum of two campaigns a year, and just like the National Campaigns you can choose from similar themes; {YOUR TOWNS} Beautiful Teachers, Beautiful Seniors or you can create your own theme like Beautiful Volunteers, Beautiful Military Wives or whatever group you would like to feature. If you do create your own campaign theme, you will need to submit your proposal for review.

During your campaign you will partner with local businesses and agencies to support your campaign and get the word out about the BR mission. You will also be responsible for sending out press releases to local media outlets to share your campaign. You can also take your campaign to the next level and have an outreach project to support some of your candidates’ causes. A few examples would be: Supporting/ creating a team for local cancer walk if your candidate has beaten or is fighting cancer. Scheduling a day of photography mini sessions with your local Beauty Revived photographers and donating proceeds to your Beauty Revived candidate’s cause. Lastly, you and your team will share your BR candidates’ stories through your website and social media outlets.

What are the requirements of being a Beauty Revived Ambassador?

In order to apply as Beauty Revived Ambassador we ask that you have participated in a past national campaign with Beauty Revived. You own and operate a registered photography business.

Campaign Restrictions:

All campaigns should be run with a moral obligation to the BR Mission Statement and should never be used strictly for the use of business gain. Nor should campaigns discriminate against nominees based on their religious affiliations , political affiliations, race, sexual orientation or national origin. Campaigns should also not be used for making a political or religious statement.