Beauty Revived Beautiful Children’s Photographers Announced

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I just want to HUG all of you!  Seriously, it really fills our hearts with so much joy to see so many photographers who believe in the mission of Beauty Revived. It is inspiring to see how many of you want to get out there and tell the stories of the beautiful children in your communities!

We have chosen our 55 photographers, including our special guests,for Beauty Revived’s annual Children’s campaign. We would LOVE and be honored if you were not chosen for the Children’s Campaign and you know an amazing child your community if you would donate a session and submit it to our sister project, Real.Beautiful. People for a chance to be featured on Beauty Revived!

What is Real. Beautiful. People you ask?

Real. Beautiful. People is similar to Beauty Revived in many ways. We are partnering with big hearted photographers to tell the stories of the unsung heroes (big and small!) in their communities, the only difference is, you don’t have to wait for our quarterly campaigns, these stories can be told and shared any time! Stories submitted to Real Beautiful People will have a chance be featured on the Beauty Revived website, Facebook or Instagram! We want to tell as many stories as we can and because of you and all the amazing photographers who have applied to be a part of this movement we can do this!

Thank you to all of you have applied and we are so excited to work with each of you & share the stories of all our little friends who are making this world a better place!

If you are one of the photographers on the list, please request to join our private FB group just for this campaign HERE!, (.)

Follow the instructions in the FB group.

Make sure you are part of Beauty Revived’s FB group, here.

This year’s team of Beauty Revived Children’s Campaign photographers are as follows:

1. Samantha D Photography
2. Rita Jana Photography
3. The Whispering Willow
4. Allyson Campbell
5. Jenny Lloyd Photography
6. Darris Hartman Photography
7. Chasing Light Photography
8. Rhiannon Loyd Photography
9. Sincerely Jane Photography
10. Angela Stewart Photography
11. Jessalyn Pugh Photography
12. InJoy Photography
13. Reilly Maguire Photography
14. Tiffany Zabala Photography
15. Ashley Berrie Photography
16. Candice MacDonnell Photography
17. June Bug Photography
18. Khalilah Hall Photography
19. Chelsey Hill Photography
20. Maggie Fuller Photography
21. Molly Garg Photography
22. Melissa Bliss Photography
23. Yeah, She Snaps! Photography
24. Jupiter Hue Photography
25. Mountain Pearl Photography
26. Wild Prairie Photography
27. Luxe Art Images, LLC
28. Michaela Ristaino Photography
29. Magnolia & Grace Photography
30. Christi Allen Curtis Photography
31. Joy of Life Photography
32. Locallie Photography
33. Leighellen Landskov Photography
34. Keri Jones Photography
35. Love Bee Photography
36. Donna French Photography
37. Kat Parker Photography
38. Aislyn June Photography
39. Rachael Venema Photography
40. Lisa Rappa Photography
41. Ashleigh Acker: Photographer
42. Brittney Vier Photography
43. Kristin Janiszewski Photography
44. Lalee Photography
45. Meg Hatch Photography
46. BT Photography
47. Allyson Wasmund Photography
48. Yew Photography
49. Jeanine Phelps Photography
50. Alicia T Photo
51. Danielle MacInnes Photography
52. Grace Medina Photography
53.Ashleigh Olson Photography
54. Heather Palmer Photography
55. Fairy Tales by Anneli

If you were not listed above, please request to join our private FB group for our REAL. BEAUTIFUL.PEOPLE photographers, HERE!
Follow the instructions in the FB group.

Make sure you are part of Beauty Revived’s FB group, here.

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