Campaign Dates

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 7.57.23 PMP I N_______I M A G EFour times throughout the year, Beauty Revived hosts a campaign with a specific focus.  Photographers apply to be a part of the campaign, 50 are chosen and then they find someone worthy of recognition to donate a session to.  These 50 sessions are featured in our quarterly magazine.

The schedule for the next campaigns:

50 Most Beautiful Mothers Campaign — Applications: Closed         Magazine: Published May 2

50 Most Beautiful Children Campaign — Applications: May 9-13    Magazine: Published August 15

50 Most Beautiful Women Campaign — Applications: June 20-215  Magazine: Published  November 15

50 Most Beautiful H.S. Senior Campaign — Applications: July 18-22  Magazine: Published January 15


To view and purchase past magazines, Click Here.

Applications will be open on our blog and will be announced in our Facebook group (join here) and through our email list (join here).

To apply, photographers fill out the application form and pay a $15 non refundable submission fee.  From those that apply, 50 will be chosen and will be invited to a private Facebook group where the rest of the campaign information will be shared.