Meet Becky. She is Beauty Revived with Eleventh Hour Goods, LLC.

50 beautiful mothers Eleventh Hour Goods, LLC Beauty RevivedP I N_______I M A G E

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Meet Becky. She is Beauty Revived.

From her part-time job, to her family, and the love she has for others, I don’t think Becky could have been anything BUT a mother.

As an RN, Becky could work in just about any field of medicine: orthopedics, pediatrics, emergency medicine, and the list goes on… How does she choose to use her nursing license? Hospice Care.

“During my years as a nurse, I’ve worked in various hospital settings. I had the chance to see end of life care done gracefully and with dignity, but I also saw how death can be handled poorly and not treated like the sacred part of life that it truly is. I also walked through hospice care as a family member ten years ago as my mom, brother and I cared for my sweet Daddy in our home during his last days with the help of hospice nurses. ”

With my own family’s experiences with hospice care, I can’t express how grateful I am to people like Becky, who help say “Goodbye” with a little less heartache.

At home is her husband of nearly 8 years and their two young children.

“Matt is the best partner in all the wild, wonderful, and hard things in life. He holds me accountable, leads us well, and loves us fiercely. He fills in the gaps where I am weak when it comes to parenting our little ones. Most of all, he loves the Lord, and that overflows into the way that he loves our kids and me.”

“Stetson is our oldest. My favorite things about him are his perfect giggle, his bright blue eyes, and his determination. I pray that his stubborn streak serves him well as he grows. He has autism, and didn’t speak until he was three years old, but continues to leap over obstacles every day and we are praising God for all the little glimmers we see in him and for the phrases he’s saying to us.”

“Caroline truly gives our home all of its sparkle. Matt and I weren’t planning to have another baby just 15 months after Stetson was born but God sure knew that we needed her. She has a kind spirit and spunky personality. Her affinity for joke telling, dancing and singing always keeps up smiling. She is her big brother’s cheerleader and best friend.”

But don’t let Becky’s humbleness fool you; they are ALL Stetson’s biggest cheerleaders! In fact, they’ve formed a Superhero team called “Stetson’s Sidekicks” for the SC Autism Society STRIDES campaign.

“Raising my children is the single greatest challenge and most thrilling honor of my life. I want them to remember their Mama and Daddy never being too distracted to be silly.”

With days filled with horsey rides, tickle fights, bubble beards, and playing dress up, I think it’s safe to say they won’t have to worry about that!

In 2014, God called Becky to another form of ministry: Foster care.

“I was watching a segment on a daytime talk show about the foster system here in the US. Meanwhile, I had a less than 2 year old toddler playing on the floor and was feeding my newborn daughter (not exactly a convenient time to decide to start bringing in stranger babies to care for as well)… From the time I got up from that couch I knew that foster care was somehow going to be a part of our family.  God was very clear about that.  I didn’t know how or when, but I felt called to foster care ministry and I haven’t felt any less called to it since.”

Since 2015, The Pressley’s have welcomed 7 sweet children into their home.

“Caroline has been called our ‘secret weapon’ as she has welcomed each of her foster siblings with so much gentleness, joy, and willingness to share everything.”

No child that enters the Pressley’s home leaves without adding their thumbprint to the “Family Tree.” I was blessed enough to be there when the newest little thumbprint was added.

“Foster care has been such a blessing to our family so far, even with its challenges, there is something comforting about knowing you are doing just what God has asked you to do.”

Her passion for foster care doesn’t end at her home. Becky started a new ministry called “Love Mercy Ministry” where people are encouraged to donate clothing, diapers, and anything else a foster family may need when a new child is brought to their doorstep.

“We can’t all adopt or foster but we as the Church must come alongside to support the ones called to do so!”

Being a mother isn’t simply the result of having children. It’s a lifestyle, a choice, and for Becky, a calling. And what a beautiful mother she is.

50 beautiful mothers Eleventh Hour Goods, LLC Beauty RevivedP I N_______I M A G E


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  • June 15, 2017 - 7:12 pm

    Karen B. Jowers - I have never met Becky, but I feel close to her. I have known her mother since she was tiny, and her father since he met her mother. I am not surprised at her beautiful life? I have always loved and respected her family and I know they instilled this devotion and love in her.ReplyCancel

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