Meet Amanda. She is Beauty Revived with Shelby Leigh Photography.

50 beautiful mothers Shelby Leigh Photography Beauty RevivedP I N_______I M A G E

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Meet Amanda. She is Beauty Revived.

Beautiful. Mother.

These words are one in the same for so many amazing Mothers that I know, but recently I have become acquainted with a mom and military spouse that needed to have her story shared with the world. Not because she’s done something over-the-top amazing or battled through more than others. Not because she ever wanted to boast about what makes her special or deserving of this honor. No. The Beautiful Mother that I had the pleasure of meeting offers so much more. She’s…real. She’s raw. She’s strong. She’s influencing the most important people in her life with how she handles the life she has chosen.

The first time I met Amanda Williams, she was with her husband and by first look, she’s someone who had her life completely together. You know, the glowing, gorgeous together woman that so many gaze at because, “she” has the personality, beauty, and heart that “we” only wish “we” could have. As we got to know each other and we talked, I realized this Mom, pregnant with her second daughter, was not only so much more, and that despite what lies ahead for her family, was showing an inner strength and beauty I could only dream to obtain.

Within two weeks of that encounter, Amanda said goodbye to her husband, Josh, and he went to the US Air Force Weapons School in Las Vegas for approximately six months, as my husband did eight years ago. For the average military spouse, this in and of itself is a difficult time. However, with Amanda due to deliver their child before his June graduation, this span of time will become much more difficult than normal separations. Her passion to home school her first daughter, Ava, while heading in to her third trimester in a couple months still looms ahead. While this separation from each other is harder than others, Amanda shared that even through her husband’s many departures and returns, they find themselves still able to fall in love over and over again.

Though she could dwell on the negatives and sacrifices, Amanda focuses on so many positive aspects of her life! She absolutely loves devoting her time to her daughter and being able to share in Ava’s developmental and emotional growth and well-being.

When asked, “What makes [you] a beautiful mother?” Amanda sweetly offers these words:

“How I show love to my daughter. I currently home school her. I love that teaching her allows me to experience every epiphany and accomplishment she achieves. Because of the time we get to spend together, our life lessons are constant and we have really bonded in a way I never imagined. We get to make Christ a daily part of our life and add it to our lessons.”

“Also, I am proud to call myself a military spouse; I am able to show my husband love when I help him discern the next family/work challenge. I get to show my daughter what supporting a husband looks like and my husband shows her how a husband should love and support his wife.”

Amanda is an accomplished singer, and frequently volunteers her time to sing the National Anthem for various ceremonies and events. Her sense of pride and honor in our nation and in the legacy of our veterans is best summed up in her words:

“I have the privilege of hearing their accomplishments and how through it all, they continued to feel loved and supported by their wives and children. It’s taken me many times singing the Anthem to not let the emotions of the song itself overwhelm me and bring me to tears.”

Amanda enjoys spending time with children in the community. She coaches cheerleading at the youth center, and teaches them to be team players and active community members. Whether it’s out at the youth center or at home during their home school book club, Amanda is an active parent and mentor to so many.

As an Air Force Key Spouse, she serves as a source of information for spouses in the squadron. She feels blessed to assist with various spouse needs, including loss, depression, deployments, welcoming newborns, and more. These community ties become a literal lifeline during the hard times. Amanda openly shared that during a bout with depression after a year-long deployment, her community friends came to her aid getting her though a nearly unbearable time, influencing her desire to help others.

Amanda loves serving as a role model for her daughter and remains a teammate to her husband by taking an active part in the military community.

“A good experience can make or break a system. My goal is to always provide a positive experience with outstanding results for any issues, in motherhood and life, that come my way.”


50 beautiful mothers Shelby Leigh Photography Beauty RevivedP I N_______I M A G E

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