Meet Ashley. She is Beauty Revived with Casey and Her Camera.

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This session is part of the 50 Most Beautiful Mothers Campaign.  Beauty Revived joined with Denim and Grace and 50 amazing photographers to find 50 of the most beautiful mothers.  Each of these stories will inspire you and fill your heart with joy.  The May magazine issue of Denim and Grace will be dedicated solely to telling the stories of these women.  These sessions will also be featured weekly on this site from  now until June.

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By casey and her camera

Photographer: Casey Rucinski




Flowers: Seven Sisters Florist

Hair & Makeup: Bri Burch

Meet Ashley. She is Beauty Revived with casey and her camera.

Meet Ashley. She’s a mother, she’s a wife, she’s a dreamer. She’s a woman and she is Beauty Revived.

She is also the face and photographer behind Nine23 Boudoir in Indianapolis, Indiana. You don’t have to meet her in person to clearly see that her commitment is made to every woman. She believes women are beautiful because of their differences. In a culture that often teaches women to objectify and scrutinize themselves, as well as one another, she’s found that they’re the only ones who think they’re not worthy; that they’re not beautiful. In this demographic that can sometimes be competitive and destructive, Ashley believes that a woman deserves to feel beautiful more than just one day in her life; that every woman deserves to feel beautiful every day… just as the world sees her.

As a mother to two impressionable and exuberantly vibrant girls, her outlook on the beauty of females – inside and out – could not be more relevant and imperative to this upcoming generation. Ashley has set her expectations high for her girls, and at their young ages, they are already far exceeding these goals. She has taught them unconditional appreciation and utmost respect for a woman’s body and her oldest daughter has already started spreading the word through compliments to teachers, classmates, and even strangers. She has become an advocate for beauty, helping others feel good about the way they look.

Ashley focuses on the simplest lessons as she’s raising her girls – she wants her daughters to always feel accepted – no matter what. Her life revolves around them and she spends her time encouraging them to think independently, find their own style, dance in public, and uncover their own personalities.

n helping them achieve this, she’s teaching them to stand up for themselves and others when it is right, to have confidence and never be mean, and that the things that others say are not a reflection of them. Her oldest daughter has already caught on, even if she may not realize it yet. Ashley lives by the idea that it if you spend your time making people feel good, it doesn’t matter what size you are or what you look like, to them you will always look beautiful. In sharing this with her girls, she’s opening their eyes to beauty that is so much deeper than what is on the surface.

Ask her when she feels most beautiful and she’ll tell you it’s when she’s dancing with her girls, when she’s laughing with her family, or when she’s wrapped in her husband’s freckled arms.

Ashley believes in women – in the beauty of all women. She believes that it takes kindness, heart, confidence, and empathy to make a beautiful woman. She has found that beauty is not complete without genuinely treating others. She has instilled in her girls positively perfect ideas that they are taking out into the world even at their single-digit-ages.

In a changing age where the past teaches women to compete and compare, it’s women like Ashley, and daughters like hers, who will be the game changers for what comes next. There is nothing more beautiful in this world than a woman who has dedicated her time as a mother, as a wife, and as an artist to helping every woman recognize and celebrate their own unique beauty.

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About the Photographer:

Casey Rucinski is the owner of casey and her camera an Indianapolis Family Photographer specializing in family and lifestyle photography for Indy and the surrounding areas.

Having lived from East Coast to West Coast, Casey is an outdoor-junkie and spends her time hiking and adventuring with her husband and dog. She has a degree in art education and spent time teaching high school art, working as an at-risk youth programs facilitator, and managing a ranch in Colorado before focusing on her business after a move back to the midwest.

For Casey, photography is a way to make art, document memories, declare emotion, and stop time… all while spending time outside with mother nature. She describes her style of shooting as unposed, energetic, adventurous, bold, and real and has a soft spot for candid and action family shots.

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