Meet Ashley. She is Beauty Revived by Anneliese Photography.


AnneliesePhotography01P I N_______I M A G E

Photography by Anneliese Photography

Strong. Determined. Overcomer.

Going through the nominations I received, Ashley’s story really stood out to me as I read it- she had a broken family and rough childhood with a year of sexual abuse from her 16-year-old stepbrother at 8 years old, something she only just revealed to her mother Christmas of 2013. This broke my heart for this beautiful girl, but what really sold me on her was what she has done to help others- she has a webpage called “Talk! No One’s Alone” that she uses as a safe haven for others who feel alone or are struggling with things. Through this site these people can email her at any time of day or night and have a friend to talk with about their problems who will listen and give advice on how to overcome their situation.
Ashley is such a sweet girl. She loves playing softball, riding horses and spending time with her friends. During our session, she was initially a bit quiet but quickly got comfortable and had a lot of fun with it! Seeing the looks on her mom and her best friend Allison’s faces was amazing. Her mom had told me over the course of the day how excited she was that Ashley was doing this and that her story was being told.
I’m so honored to have been able to capture the beauty of this lovely lady and to have shown her just how absolutely stunning she is both inside and out. Thank you so much to Allison for the nomination!


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About the Photographer:

Six years ago I was coming home from an amazing character-building year living with a group of incredible people in England at a sister church to mine. If I knew nothing else, I knew that I had a call to work with teens… I just didn’t know what that would look like at the time. Once home, I got caught up in starting nursing school and eventually graduating and getting married, both of which had diverted my attention from this call I felt I had. I had just started getting interested in photography as more than a casual hobby at this point, but I hadn’t really thought about specializing in anything particular until the beginning of 2013 while watching Jasmine Star’s ReSTARt CreativeLive class. I realized then that working with teens and doing photography, joining the two together, was what I was supposed to do, so I began to specialize in teen and senior photography and build my clientele.
I don’t remember how I found the Beauty Revived campaign, but when the call came for senior photographers I jumped in to get the information on what was happening and my heart felt a strong pull to participate.

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  • November 4, 2014 - 12:59 pm

    Corinne - Lauren I just love your work and Ashley, you are stunning!! I am so inspired by your determination to rise above the harsh circumstances of life! Smile sweetheart because you are very precious xxReplyCancel

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