Meet Brittni. She is Beauty Revived with Denise Cowan Photography.

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Photography by Denise Cowan Photography




Meet Brittni. She is Beauty Revived.

Beauty isn’t something you have, it’s something you are. It’s not something defined by your physical traits, but rather by your actions. There’s nothing more beautiful than laying aside your own needs and desires to be completely consumed by caring for those who have no one to care for them. To be the voice for the voiceless, the love for the unloved, and the hope for the hopeless. That kind of true beauty is what you see immediately when you meet Brittni. The joy she exhibits on a daily basis is not because life is easy with six children, it’s because she is walking in her calling, standing firm that she is loving children God has placed in her hands, and reaching out to others to make a difference. It is impossible to walk away from her without feeling inspired.
Her days today were never something she foresaw. She dreamed of a family, working as a nurse, and simply doing life as society defines, until one day her heart began to ache for children who were neglected, forgotten, and unwanted. She embraced the idea of fostering and adopting, and began to flourish in her calling. Her calling to be a mother, not only to her two children she birthed, but to children that needed her more than anyone. It wasn’t an easy or overnight task, but soon her family of four grew to a family of eight. Many of her friends and family watched as she opened her heart to children who came with their list of struggles. Before there were six, she spent many sleepless nights cuddling babies who were withdrawing from the drugs their mothers did while pregnant, and many of those nights ended all too soon after she had fallen in love and had to give them back. Although their future is unknown to her, she rests in the peace of knowing that her prayers for them will never cease, and that her time with each was an unimaginable gift. A gift that she is so passionate about encouraging others to have the chance to experience.
As her home grew to max out the number of children you are allowed as a foster parent, she began to speak out about how beautiful her life has become simply by opening her heart and truly living out our biblical calling to care for the orphaned. Not just sitting back and reading about it, but truly living it out. She has held classes, parties, private meetings, and made social media posts to encourage people who might have the same spark inside of them. Her Facebook page is full of daily encouragement to get involved with foster care and adoption, her phone is full of texts from people wanting to know more, and she spends delicate time encouraging others to see the joy in the life she has been blessed with. She can rest a little easier each night if she has helped even just one person realize that adoption doesn’t always have to be “plan b”, and that there are thousands of children up for adoption at a fraction of the cost, if any cost at all, through the department of family services here in Texas longing to be someone’s plan a. To give a child the chance to be someone’s first choice when all they’ve been given so far is a life of unwant. To place a child that has been cast aside into a mother’s loving arms and heart, never to be rejected again. These are the things that give Brittni her infectious joy. To know her is to love her, and to spend time with her is to catch a glimpse of true beauty.
written by: Lesli Rodriguez & Aubree Snipes

beauty revived 50 beautiful mothers Denise Cowan Photography_0001P I N_______I M A G E

About the Photographer

Denise is a mother to three rambunctious little boys and married to her high school sweetheart for 11 years! Photography has been a part of her life for a long as she can remember and her business journey began when she was 18, photographing fellow high school seniors. She has documented everything from births to weddings, but her passion has always been with with those sweet little babies. Denise Cowan Photography is a newborn and family photographer based in Katy, Tx and serves the greater Houston area.

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