Meet Camille. She is Beauty Revived with Deborah Koch Photography.

Beauty Revived 50 beautiful children Deborah Koch PhotographyP I N_______I M A G E

Photography by Deborah Koch Photography




Meet Camille. She is Beauty Revived. 

Camille Zanoello is a sweet and cheerful 10 years-old girl who has been bravely fighting cancer since May, 2016. She has a very aggresive brain tumor, a grade IV glioblastoma.
Back home, in Brazil, Camille has gone through 3 brain surgeries but with little success. Camille’s parents Andre and Renata, formerly self employed, decided that the health of their daughter took precedence over any immediate financial need and took to scouting the world for a hospital which could help save their little angel. After several months of treatment in Houston, TX, Camille’s cancer reduced significantly. In April of 2017 Camille entered a remission phase and moved to Europe with her family to continue treatment there. After a few months in Europe, she moved back to Brazil and was reunited with her friends and family. Unfortunately, in June of 2017 after several exams the worse was confirmed. Camille’s cancer was back very aggresivily and was slowing her body. Camille is currently in coma in Brazil under the care of a team of doctors and her close family. 
Camille is an example of fight and perseverance. Her sweet smile is very contagious and she has touched so many lives with her sweet smile and angel face.

Beauty Revived 50 beautiful children Deborah Koch PhotographyP I N_______I M A G E

About the Photographer

Deborah Koch is a maternity, family, and children photographer in Houston, TX. She specializes in natural light and loves to use natural elements to compose her dreamy and whimsical style. Deborah loves to travel and photograph different cultures around the world.

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