Meet Celia. She is Beauty Revived with Ashley Marston Photography.

50 beautiful mothers Ashley Marston Photography Beauty RevivedP I N_______I M A G E

Photography by Ashley Marston Photography




Meet Celia. She is Beauty Revived.

The nomination came from her oldest daughter. 
In it contained the accounts of many years of endurance, sacrifice, love, faith and strength. 
All of these still present in her daily life. All parts of her that make her who she is. 
The sentence that I felt deep in my heart was this ; 
“They say that the most beautiful life is one spent serving those around you… and that is my mom’s life by definition.”
I felt an immediate connection. A pull to this Mother, to her story, to her wisdom. 
What can I learn from her? 
Before I even photographed her, we met in her home. We sat on her couch and talked for hours. 
We did not speak of how strong she is or of her resilience. We did not list off all of the challenging things that had happened in her life. 
I did not have her recount them, I didn’t need her to. 
What she shared with me was her weaknesses. Something she almost viewed as a shortcoming. 
“How can I be an example of strength, when I often feel so weak?”
And this is where the message lies. 
It is just as important to realize you are just as strong in your moments of weakness. That those moments are pivotal. It is how you get through them, how you overcome your fears and listen to your heart. It is in this place of fear and weakness, that you do the most growth. 
This message was strong throughout our conversations. 

Celia is Captivating. The kind of woman, the kind of mother, that listens with her whole heart. 
This is a trait I think you acquire after a lifetime of caring deeply and giving your whole self to many people. 
I had a sense that I am not the only one that immediately felt this way about her.
When she spoke to me, I did not want to advert my eyes. I wanted to take everything in. 
I appreciated her condor, her honesty. I related to her personal struggles involving beauty, strength, and expectations. I connected with her strongly on the triumphs and hardships of motherhood. 
She was quick to remind me often of how fast time goes. To treasure each day with them, even when it seems overwhelming. 

Beauty radiates from her. Not only from a physical sense, but in a way that it envelops you when you are with her. Like a safety net. A Safe Harbour. 
And like most beautiful and strong women, she is unaware of how deeply she affects those around her in a positive way. 
She is simply shaping those around her with her Grace & Compassion. 

“I believe each of us is open to the beauty we see in each other … we resonate with the light we recognize. Each day we face the challenges of the moment praying for the grace to be grateful for all and more loving in thought and action… sometimes of ourselves as well” 


50 beautiful mothers Ashley Marston Photography Beauty RevivedP I N_______I M A G E

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