Meet Dani, She is Beauty Revived

2014-07-23_0002P I N_______I M A G E

Photographer:  Angie Blackburn



Instagram: @angieblackburnphotography

Meet Dani Dickinson. She is a military wife. Her husband has been deployed mulitiple times for long periods of time. When I think of sacrifice- women like Dani come to mind. To give up your husband for so long to sacrifice himself for his country takes more strength and faith then I have ever known. She has never been negative about anything and always has such a positive attitude towards life. People that know her love her for her great example to everyone. She is known for her beautiful smile through everything- good or bad. Dani is Beauty Revived and I would love for you to share her story and hre beauty with everyone  :

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About the photographer: Angie Blackburn

I am located in a small town in central Utah. I have been in business for 8 years. I specialize in family and senior photography.

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