Meet Emily. She is Beauty Revived with Amie Hansen Photography.

50 beautiful mothers Amie Hansen Photography Beauty RevivedP I N_______I M A G E

Photography by Amie Hansen Photography




Meet Emily. She is Beauty Revived.

Beautifully written by Emily’s friend Rachael Weiland.

My friend Emily Richardson has experienced so much just to become a mother and I have never seen someone walk through so much hardship and difficulty with so much grace. I have been friends with Emily for about seven years. We met through our husbands, who were both pastors at the time. We became fast friends and she invited me to join a women’s bible study she was part of. Through this bible study, we shared our joys and struggles. At the time, she was wrestling with infertility. She and her husband walked through this difficult time with grace and eventually moved toward adoption. This journey also proved to be a challenge when the first match they made fell through after spending two nights with a sweet baby they believed to be theirs. Eventually they were matched again and were able to take home a sweet little boy they named Asher. Even with the lasting pain of remembering the first pain, Emily ministered to and loved on the birth mother of their son. I was impressed that her heart stayed soft and loving. Emily and her husband eventually conceived and they had a little boy named Zane. This miracle forced them to put their second adoption journey on pause. Once Zane was old enough, they picked up where they left off with their adoption agency. At the same time they matched with a birth mother, Emily discovered she was pregnant again. She struggled with the idea that the birth mother may change her mind or have reservations with moving forward but Emily chose to share her heart with her and be honest with their situation. This past October, they welcomed another son into their family and they are due with a little girl this Spring. Emily stays home with her kids and also supports her husband in his ministry. She always has time for friends and is a great encourager who points others toward Christ. I have never had a friend like Emily. She doesn’t judge others and loves people selflessly. I learn from her in so many ways. I believe Emily deserves to be recognized as she is an overcomer who walks in grace and love. She truly is beautiful inside and out.

50 beautiful mothers Amie Hansen Photography Beauty RevivedP I N_______I M A G E

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