Meet Julia. She is Beauty Revived with Locallie Yours.

Beauty revived 50 beautiful children Locallie YoursP I N_______I M A G E

Photography by Locallie Yours




Meet Julia. She is Beauty Revived.

When most people think of the definition of beauty, it’s generally superficial. Most think of beauty as an outward appearance, or physical attribute. When I think of the definition of beauty, I think of someone who is selfless, and genuinely cares for others. I nominated my daughter Julia for this beauty revived campaign because she is just that, selfless, caring and has a genuine soul. For the last 13 years, Julia has truly shown the world what beauty is. Julia has spent the last year campaigning to serve others. 
In August of 2016 Julia was crowned the 2016 National Cover Girl for All American Girl, a youth development program. Julia never envisioned herself to be a “pageant girl”. She was full of her own insecurities. Julia wasn’t confident with being on stage, or comfortable speaking in public or to large crowds. Through her experiences with AAG she has blossomed into such a confident young woman. One of Julia’s favorite things about representing her title has been being able to serve her community, and those in need. September 2016 was a busy month for Julia and her pageant sisters. They collected baby blanket donations, and delivered them to babies in need at a local hospital. They also collected several donations for Autism Speaks and participated in the Autism Speaks Walk in Seattle. In October, Julia spent many days campaigning and collecting donations for The Susan B. Komen Foundation. She competed in a Queens for a Cure pageant, where she was awarded a service medal, and crown for her donations and efforts to spread awareness for breast cancer. She also participated in The Buddy Walk in Seattle, to support her 6-year-old cousin with Down Syndrome. In November Julia helped to collect Thanksgiving meals for 6 local families in need. Julia also volunteered her time this year to Saving Great Animals, an organization that helps to rehabilitate and rehome animals in need. Julia flew to Mexico to deliver food, and other supplies to the ASPCA. She helped to transport 7 puppies, and their mother back to the US and placed them into their forever homes. Julia has truly dedicated this entire year to serving others, and expecting nothing in return. 
As she continues on her path to serve, Julia has chosen Down Syndrome Awareness as her platform. Julia’s motto is “Be a buddy, not a bully”. She plans to spend the next year focusing on her platform, in hopes to bring awareness to push inclusion in our school systems and stop the “R” word. At 13, Julia is proving that she is unstoppable. I could only wish that I could have contributed so much kindness and beauty to the world at that age. Now when you think of the definition of beauty, I hope you too, will think of Julia.

Beauty revived 50 beautiful children Locallie YoursP I N_______I M A G EBeauty revived 50 beautiful children Locallie YoursP I N_______I M A G E

About the Photographer

I’ve been doing photography for a little over a year now. My passion lies in family and children photography. I find children to be so beautiful, inspirational, and full of life. The laughter, love, and innocence that surrounds me during those sessions is so rewarding. Im thankful to be able to do what I love, and support my growing family of four. As a mother, I cherish the few photos I have where I am in the images with my daughter. Just as much as I cherish my own, I create images for my clients to cherish. The moments that show who my clients are, whether they’re funny, reserved, shy, laid back, or outgoing.

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