Meet Kayla. She is Beauty Revived with Adri De La Cruz Photographer.

50 beautiful mothers Adri De La Cruz Photographer Beauty RevivedP I N_______I M A G EPhotography by Adri De La Cruz Photographer




Meet Kayla. She is Beauty Revived.

Sometimes we meet the most unexpected friends, in the most unexpected places. Photography has always had a way of bringing people together, and that was the story of the start of my friendship with Kayla.

I came across Kayla’s photography work in a group forum. I was immediately drawn to the style and the heart behind her images. By total coincidence we ended up living less than 20 minutes from each other, from the very beginning we hit it off. We bonded over photography, the similarity in our ages and of course motherhood.

It has always been so incredibly obvious that parenting her children is one of the biggest joy’s in her life. Kayla grew up near Plano IL with only one brother, with dreams of a big family of her own someday. At twenty years old she married the love of her life Patrick, and in 7 years she has given birth to three beautiful boys. She has a degree in Child Development and leads a local Attachment Parenting International group. Where the focus is centered around respectful and compassionate parenting. In having many encounters with her and her children, I can see that she really strives to raise the type of humans who can handle the toughness of life but also share the kindness worthy of this world. Truly her heart and passion is at the core of parenting. In the future she sees herself working along with parents, she is so passionate about finding tools and resources for parenting children.

Her own motherhood journey has been full of ups and downs. In many ways she has chosen the less conventional path. I have seen her face the struggle of parenting a special needs boy, and she has shared with me the long nights and agonizing days in the search of finding what work best for all of them, from the very beginning. Always however advocating for her children with the loudest voice. She has seen herself through so many health obstacles and at the end of the day her goal remains the same. To be the best mother she can be to them, to provide them with unconditional love.

When I say that Kayla is the epitome of beauty and grace, you can see in my photographs that I do not lie. She has such a softness to the way she carries herself and the way she is with her boys shows her strength. From the core of her being to the top of her hair, she exemplifies what true beauty is. I’m just so lucky to be able to capture it for her, from time to time.

50 beautiful mothers Adri De La Cruz Photographer Beauty RevivedP I N_______I M A G E

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