Meet Kelly. She is Beauty Revived with Theresa Schumacher Photography.

50 beautiful mothers Theresa Schumacher Photography Beauty RevivedP I N_______I M A G E

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Meet Kelly. She is Beauty Revived.

Kelly is a mom to 3 wonderful children, Judah 8, Halle 5, and Lena 2. Kelly is a beauty revived mother because a year ago she selflessly made the decision to be a surrogate for her sister Jodi who has struggled with infertility for years. Some of us can say that we might be able to do the same thing – to sacrifice our body so that someone else can experience the amazing gift of motherhood, but how many of us actually make the decision to follow through with it? Kelly is that beautiful mother that did just that.

Her sister Jodi has this to say about her sister Kelly:

“Being the oldest of three girls, I am so grateful for my relationships with both of my little sisters, Kelly and Leslie. Both of them saw how my husband and I struggled for over eight years to try to have a baby, going through many, many fertility treatments, never with a happy outcome other than deepening our hope that someday the right path would open up.

Less than a year ago, Kelly and her husband came to Heath and I and told us they wanted to help us bring a baby into our family by Kelly acting as a gestational carrier for us and one of our frozen embryos. Kelly and I have worked together for years, and gone on many, many walks together, most of the time both of us pushing her kids in the strollers and she of course listened to our stories of infertility probably more than anyone else. We never asked her to carry a baby for us, this came from her own heart, wanting to be a servant of God and give us the joy she and her husband knew so very well of having their own three children.

I knew it was going to work out the moment of that conversation. It was definitely God’s plan and timing because all of the details that had to go just right, did go right. There was a unique calmness around the entire situation, just knowing that our baby was safe with Kelly and that we’d have our happy ending this time. And after a non-eventful pregnancy, and one extra week, our little baby boy was born, healthy and happy and my sister gave us the greatest gift we could have hoped for.

She sacrificed her time, her body and her family’s priorities to help us grow our family and is a true example of love. Dalton is so loved. We waited and prayed for him for so long, and for whatever reason this is his and our story, here to show you that love is real, there is always hope, there is always a way.”

50 beautiful mothers Theresa Schumacher Photography Beauty RevivedP I N_______I M A G E

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