Meet Kim. She is Beauty Revived with Laura Lynn Photography.

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Meet Kim. She is Beauty Revived.

From the moment Kim was nominated, I knew she was Beauty Revived! The sweet friend that nominated her told a story of a woman that had experienced so much struggle in such a short period of time, and yet kept her grace and her positivity. From the moment I met Kim, I knew I had made the right decision. Kim is a single mother of two beautiful girls, Tamsin (12) and Estelle (10). She also owns and runs her own gym here in San Clemente, Ca. It was pretty clear to me that her girls are her world. She makes every effort to make sure their time together matters and that she is not only there with them but also present and active. When I asked the girls what their favorite thing about their mom was, they both said the same thing, “I love when she spends time with us, and I love when we go to the horse ranch and ride horses.” Kim used to train horses and teach others to ride, so this is something she loves to share with her two daughters. She also used to model in Paris, was a flight attendant, a pilot, and she is now a personal trainer.
Kim has a soul that shines very brightly for others to see. Hearing the story about her life was an honor. She has definitely lived a full life in her short time on Earth. She has had some amazing experiences, and some rather unpleasant experiences as well. About 5 years ago or so, Kim was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. At the same time, she was in the middle of a divorce, and her father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. BunE, the friend that nominated Kim, mentioned to me how even while dealing with all of these things head on, Kim never stopped being an inspiration to others. She was still the first person to offer help when someone else was in need. She was taking care of her father, her girls, and herself, yet she never stopped being positive and focusing on the good. I asked Kim what her message would be to others, and she said “Just be happy with where you are at. Focus on the good. Focus on what you CAN do.” She teaches Crossfit at her gym and one of the things she loves most about it is “seeing people be successful.” She loves that Crossfit “builds confidence, especially in women.” I think these quotes are very fitting for a trainer, a mother, and a woman. Too often we are told what we can’t do, or we focus on the bad things going on around us. It’s refreshing to meet a woman that inspires us to do the opposite of that.

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About the Photographer

Laura is a natural light photographer that focuses on the emotional connection of her subjects. Specializing in maternity, birth, lifestyle newborn and family photography, it’s the bond and connection that really draws her in. Her goal is to always make the view FEEL the love, the emotion, the bond, the connection. Based out of San Clemente, Ca she can’t get enough of the beautiful sunset glow that lights up the West Coast.

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  • May 2, 2016 - 9:48 am

    Brooke - Gorgeous session, ah, that light and location is stunning. As is this mama’s strength that comes through!! Great job Laura Lynn Photography!ReplyCancel

  • May 2, 2016 - 9:50 am

    Laura - It was such an honor to be apart of the Beauty Revived 50 Most Beautiful Mothers campaign. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful woman’s story!ReplyCancel

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