Meet Mickenzye. She is Beauty Revived with Aislyn June Photography.

Beauty revived 50 beautiful children Aislyn June PhotographyP I N_______I M A G E

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Meet Mickenzye. She is Beauty Revived. 

Meet Mickenzye! This sweet eight year old is beyond her years when it comes to having a big heart and a love for volunteering. 

When Mickenzye was little, her mom took her to Heaven Can Wait Animal Haven to pick out her very own cat to adopt after she had her tonsils removed. Kimberly told me, “I will never forget the look on Mickenzye’s face when she walked in to see all these cats and I told her she could pick one of her very own. With knowing Diane from Heaven Can Wait Animal Haven and following them, I always saw the desperate plea for foster homes. When Mickenzye got a little older, I asked her if she would like to love on cats until they get their forever homes. She said, ‘Mom we would be cat rescuers!!’ From then on, we have welcomed fosters cats into our home.” 

Through Heaven Can Wait Animal Haven, a local non-profit, Kimberly and Mickenzye started bringing cats into their home to foster until they found forever homes with new families. Kimberly says, “She loves being able to care for all the cats. If I would allow it, she would much rather have more than the 2-3 we usually take in at a time.” 

Fostering cats involves a lot of patience in helping them get comfortable in their new surroundings and bringing out their very best personalities. Mickenzye loves helping her mom care for the cats, groom them, trim their nails, and spoil them. Her favorite part of fostering kittens, is all the snuggling, loving on them, and spoiling them with kitty toys and treats. She loves giving them good luck snuggles before their weekend trips to adoption events at Petco. Being in the store puts a lot of stress on the cats but Mickenzye gives them lots of snuggles to get through the stress of it all. She loves going to Petco to help clean cages and love on the cats to help them feel at ease. She would spend every single weekend there helping out if she could!

Kimberly and Mickenzye are so happy and proud when one of their foster kitties gets adopted into their forever home. Since first taking on foster cats three years ago, this sweet duo has helped 53 cats get adopted into their forever homes! They aren’t stopping anytime soon. Mickenzye loves getting new cats and kittens that need love and attention. 

Mickenzye loves volunteering for other causes and helping people out. This year, she participated in a fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters and is already looking forward to participating again next year. On top of all of her volunteer work, school, and sports, she still asks her mom for a chore list so she can help her around the house. She has such a big heart.

When she’s not busy fostering kitties and rocking her good grades, Mickenzye loves reading, making art, playing basketball in the driveway with her mom, and making crafts with her grandpa.

Mickenzye’s mom is so full of pride for her daughter’s big heart, good grades, and love for animals. “It’s just been her and I for the last 7 years and as a single mom, I only hope she continues to thrive to be the best she can be with school, sports, and her passion for caring for animals.”

You can follow their fostering adventures at

Beauty revived 50 beautiful children Aislyn June PhotographyP I N_______I M A G EBeauty revived 50 beautiful children Aislyn June PhotographyP I N_______I M A G E

About the Photographer

Morgan Aislyn Liskey from Aislyn June Photography lives in a small lakefront town in West Michigan. Drawing inspiration from her daughter, daydreaming, and real life moments, she loves creating playful images with rich colors and a bit of whimsy. Morgan also enjoys teaching photography to others and gifting sessions to extraordinary children.

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