Meet Tasha. She is Beauty Revived with Sharleen Mey Photography.

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Photography by Sharleen Mey Photography




Meet Tasha. She is Beauty Revived.

Here’s her story, as told through the perspective of her mother, Andrea.

I have been so fortunate to have the pleasure of raising such a wonderful, thoughtful, and sweet girl. Tasha is a Senior at Maryknoll High School and is an avid volleyball player.

From birth, Tasha has always been a ray of sunshine.  She has been raised in a single-parent household since birth with her older brother, and because of this, she has had to shoulder many responsibilities that are not usually reserved for children her age when she was growing up.  As many single parents can attest, our children are faced with different challenges growing up in a single parent household that many other children in a traditional household do not necessarily experience.

Tasha never let those challenges stop her or turn her bitter.  Everyone who meets Tasha will say the same thing: “She has a beautiful smile! You have such a jovial and upbeat daughter!”  That smile is the ray of sunshine that I previously mentioned.

This brings me to a turning point in her young life.  In January 2015, the start of her volleyball club season, Tasha experienced a season-ending injury.  While playing in a tournament, she broke her tibia.  It was a freak accident that simply could not be anticipated. According to her orthopedic surgeon, the type of injury that Tasha sustained was the type of injury commonly seen in traumatic accidents, like a car accident or jumping off a roof—not by playing volleyball!  She was devastated as she was on the road to having one of the best seasons of her career.

This injury occurred mid-way in her Sophomore year in high school and recovery took her out of playing during her Junior year of school season as well.  She experienced many ups and downs during her recovery, including the need for another surgery because her leg was not healing as expected.  Unfortunately, many colleges do their recruiting during a potential athlete’s junior year in high school, so the opportunity to showcase her volleyball skills and obtain an athletic scholarship offer slipped away from her hands.

By the grace of God, Tasha was given the “all clear” to return to play in November, 2015.  Unfortunately, by this time her school season of her Junior year had ended.  Thankfully she still had the upcoming club season, which she did great in, considering she had been out of play for almost a year!    She’s currently midway through her Senior year of school season and has loved every minute of it, even though she had another temporary setback.  She sustained a sprained ankle injury during the first game of school season that kept her out of play for a week.  She is not quite back to a 100% yet, but she has been a trooper and has pushed through the pain, all with a smile on her face.

I realize that Tasha is not the only athlete who has ever experienced a season ending injury; what amazes me most about her is the way she has handled—and continues to handle—these adversities with which she has been handed.  Even though she could not play, she supported her teams by showing up for practices and games while encouraging them from the sidelines.  She has been a positive role model and an inspiration to many that through all of this, she continues to show humility and love for her friends and family.  I am so proud to have Tasha as my daughter, and I know she still succeed in any future endeavor, no matter what life puts in front of her!

50 beautiful seniors, Sharleen May Photography I am beauty revivedP I N_______I M A G E

About the Photographer

Sharleen is a portrait and lifestyle family photographer located on the island of Oahu. A lover of natural light, Sharleen loves exploring the island looking for unique and beautiful locations to photograph. When she’s not photographing, she enjoys relaxing at home with her three children, husband, cat, and dog.

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