Meet Terri. She is Beauty Revived with A Little Love Photography by Alicia.

Beauty Revived 50 beautiful mothersP I N_______I M A G E

Photography by A Little Love Photography by Alicia




Meet Terri. She is Beauty Revived.

What makes a beautiful mother? We all have moms we look up to, if we are lucky she may even be our own. But what is it about her that is so amazing? To me being an amazing mother means not only love, but sacrifice, grace and mercy. A beautiful mother will love you despite anything you could do. A beautiful mother will sacrifice her time, her money, even herself. She will model grace through trials, even if she feels like she’s falling apart on the inside, she will lean on the Lord. And she will show mercy for her children and others.

When I began looking for amazing mothers for this years Beauty Revived Campaign I expected a flurry of nominations for mothers who showed love and compassion through stubborn children and maybe even a few personal challenges, but then there was Terri.

Terri’s daughter, Kristin, nominated her and when I read the submission I was brought to tears. I knew instantly that THIS was my beautiful mother. Terri is a mother to three, pretty awesome children- Christopher, Kristin and Chasey and wife to Rich, a diesel mechanic. Ten years ago, Terris life changed drastically when her only son, Christopher, was in a car accident that left him a quadriplegic, he was only 17. Terri was now primary caregiver to Christopher, along with raising two daughters, 16-year-old Kristin and a mere seven-year-old Chasey. According to her children, Terri didn’t miss a beat. She took on her new role without complaint and stayed positive. “She was always the one staying strong and encouraging everyone else,” Chasey remarked about her mother.

Now, ten years later, a typical day for Terri has her waking up to get Christopher dressed and in his chair before cleaning house, feeding the family, and leaving to work as a cleaning service for others. She is, also, a part time EMT and volunteer with the local Fire Department, she then picks up her two granddaughters from school before coming home to cook supper, babysit her grandchildren and get Christopher ready for bed. She is busy sun up to sun down, yet she remains kind, caring and encouraging. She is truly an inspiration to her family and to others. Through her familys trials, she has walked with grace and held steady to her faith. Terri says her strength comes from the good Lord.

I was amazed when Terri told me that she hasn’t had any professional photos of herself or her family since her youngest (now 17) was a baby! On top of that, she was about to celebrate 20 years of marriage with Rich. I knew I had to make this session extra special and incorporate her entire family.

I think that all mothers at one point or another feel like they are taken for granted. I feel so blessed to be able to relay to Terri just how loved and appreciated she really is. I asked each of her children what they might want their mother to know and here is how they responded:

Kristin answered, “Sometimes she feels like she isn’t as important as what she should be, but she holds this family together. She is so strong and loving.”

Chasey said, “She is the greatest mom anyone could ask for. She’s always there when I need anyone to talk to. She is just all around wonderful!”

Christopher replied, “I love her very, very much and I could not begin to do this without her, she is the best.”

Terri truly is the epitome of a beautiful mother.

P I N_______I M A G E

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