Meet Lillian and Mary Kathleen. They are Beauty Revived.

Janice_Freeland_0017P I N_______I M A G E

Photographer:  Janice Freeland
Janice Freeland Photography
South Carolina, Augusta, Georgia and Surrounding Areas
Vendor info: Meredith Tompkins~Make up artist and Hair Stylist
Owner of La Dolce Vita Salon + Spa//Bella Faccia Airbrush + Makeup LLC
Positive, Strong-Willed, Scholars

When I was chosen to be part of the 50 Beautiful Seniors Campaign, I was floored!  What an honor to be one of the selected few!!! I decided to reach out to the community to help get nominations for this amazing campaign.

When I was going through my nominations for Beauty Revived I came across two amazing young ladies who defined Beauty Revived. It was to difficult for me to decide so I asked my Make-up artist Meredith Tompkins owner of La Dolce Vita Salon + Spa//Bella Faccia Airbrush + Makeup LLC in Augusta, GA to look over the nominations to see if we could pick a winner. Well, she had a hard time choosing also and offered to do the Hair and Make-up for both of the girls, so rather then having to decide which girl was the winner we were able to photograph them both. Yay!!!!

Meet Mary Kathleen McCall and Lillian Scott, they are BEAUTY REVIVED.


Elley Young, her best friend, nominated Mary Kathleen McCall – here’s why:

“Mary Kathleen, who I refer to as MK, has been my friend for eleven years. Because we have been friends for such a long time, I know of all the pain that MK has been through. She has taken all of her struggles and used those experiences to empower her, rather than keep her down. She is an amazing, caring, selfless person; always laughing and always showing her beautiful smile. Everywhere she goes she carries a light with her that lifts people up, she’s always positive and rises above anything negative in her life because she is a free spirit.”

Mary Kathleen attends Westside High School and is a member of National Honor Society and Distributive education clubs of America.


Her friend, Lisa White, nominated Lillian Scott.  Here is what Lisa had to say about Lillian:

“Lillian is such a beautiful girl and is caring and generous to boot. She teaches kids how to swim at the local Y and takes care of her siblings to help out her Mom. She volunteers at our church for VBS, and also works at rescue missions when the church takes them on choir tour.”


Lillian Scott attends Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School and is a member of the National Honor Society, the National English Honor Society, the DFA Poetry Club, and I was recently a finalist and attendee of the 2014 Governor’s Honors Program in the area of Communicative Arts.

Both of these young ladies are intelligent, positive, and strong willed, we were so happy to be able to do this for them. After meeting both Mary Kathleen and Lillian, I could see what their friends saw in them.


Upon graduation, I am certain that these women will become the driving force of our future due to their volunteer work and community contributions.


Help me celebrate their beauty from within and recognize what everyone in their community sees in them.


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  • November 13, 2014 - 4:43 pm

    Mary McCall - This experience was amazing and truly unforgettable. Janice is an amazing photographer she makes you feel comfortable and she seems to have such a good eye for beauty and the same for Meredith. They just radiate love for what they do and I hope one day I’ll be able to love my future job as much love they have for theirs.ReplyCancel

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