Meet McKenzie. She is Beauty Revived.

Jenni Roeller Photography
Puyallup, Washington
My girl is welcoming, confident, and unwavering
 Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself-Coco Chanel
    One of the first things I noticed about McKenzie without even talking to her, was her kindness.  She was nice to those around her and seemed confident in who she was.  Growing up as an awkward teen, confidence was a far off aspiration and something I have always sought after and noticed in others.  After getting to know McKenzie more and talking to those who know her better, I better learned that confidence is something we fight for.
    If you talked to McKenzie now, you would never know that she once had a serious speech impediment.  It was something that affected how she interacted with others and even made her shy.  Now she is a bubbly, outgoing, radiant senior in high school and head of the cheerleading team.  She speaks in church and at excels in school.  She is someone girls look up to and she stands up for her beliefs.  McKenzie is a girl who knows who she truly is and places value in that.  She works with the youth at cheerleading camps and is a great role model for those young girls.  She also excels is school and is working hard to earn her place at a some of the best universities.
    I believe that many women and girls spend so much time and energy trying to be someone else.  McKenzie is truly herself and genuinely has a good heart.  And that is Beauty Revived.

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 Meet the photographer, Jenni Roeller
I am a senior photographer based in the Puget Sound Washington and have been in business for 4 years.  Senior girls are my favorite client because they have this fearlessness and innocence that seems to fade as we get older.  I love seeing the expression on a girl’s face when she sees her photos for the first time and feels…beautiful.
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