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It was 6 a.m. on a Wednesday morning.  I was standing in the checkout line at the grocery store, birthday doughnuts and balloons in hand.  My son was celebrating his birthday and I was picking up his birthday breakfast after my quick morning exercise.

I had no makeup, hair in bun and well earned under eye circles thanks to my three-month-old baby.  Needless to say, I wasn’t feeling my most beautiful.

And then I saw IT.  The magazine professing to have found the most beautiful woman.  It was People magazine so it must be true, right?

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Honestly, I like Jen and I’m sure she’s deserving, I mean she sure is beautiful.  I just thought it interesting and a little sad that one of the headline teasers was “How Jen Stays Young”.

As I stared at the magazine, I was feeling less than young, in fact I was feeling quite old.  I’m 31.  I know that’s not old but having five babies has made me feel less than spry.  Some mornings I roll out of bed and feel quite ancient.

I have been pregnant or nursing for almost 10 years of my life.  For 10 years, my body has helped create and form five small humans.  It has given all to create something more, to create something bigger than me.

Staring at my post pregnancy body can get discouraging.  Things don’t just pop back into place like they used to, but this body has given me everything.  It has given me motherhood.  Motherhood is messy.  Motherhood is hard.  Motherhood is beautiful.

I think People magazine has it all wrong.  We shouldn’t be judged on how young we look.  We should be judged on using what we have to help and lift others (even if that means getting an extra wrinkle here and there).  The very beings that make me feel old are the very beings that bring me the most joy.  Being a mom is tough, but it is also the experience that has knocked off my edges and helped me become more beautiful.

Now, I’m not saying they should have chosen my post workout pre-birthday breakfast self for the cover of People magazine.  But, I do wish they would have chosen one of the women in Beauty Revived’s most recent campaign.

We over here at Beauty Revived have been working for months to create a magazine that celebrates mothers with REAL beauty.  Choosing who to put in this magazine was very different than People Magazine’s way of choosing.  These women were chosen on their service to others, their strength when tried and their faith in the future.

Each of these women shines with the beauty that comes from a life lived in helping others and facing their trials with goodness.

This magazine is filled with 50 mothers who inspire those around them to be better and more beautiful.

I am so proud of this magazine and the 50 photographers who have joined me in spreading the message about real beauty. I think you’ll be inspired by each of their stories.  And perhaps after reading this issue you’ll join me in resolving to add more service, love and faith to your beauty regimen.


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