The 50 Most Beautiful Children Magazine is HERE!

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(Cover photo brought to you by the amazing Michaela Ristaino of Ristaino Photography.)

Being a mom to four children and knowing how these little ones come to us so unique and beautiful, I knew that we HAD to do a 50 Most Beautiful Children campaign.

And the magazine is HERE!!

The children in this issue not only represent real beauty, but also represent the inherent goodness and beauty in every child.  They each have either overcome trials or are spending their life giving back or both.  This is in no way an all inclusive list, but rather a wonderful sampling of the beauty and courage in all children.

As you read all 50 stories, my hope is that the stories fill you with inspiration and love and that you start seeing more of the goodness in your everyday.

The photographers that have taken part in this issue have given their heart to these children.  Their pictures will be a keepsake to their families for generations.

Lemonade and Lenses played a big part in this as well. With their encouragement and sponsorship, we were able to reach out to many more photographers and get them involved.  Thank you to Lexi, the founder of Lemonade and Lenses, and to their community for joining with us.  Five of the photographers in the following pages will be chosen to be featured on the Lemonade and Lenses blog.

So, thank you.  Thank you to each of the photographers, Lemonade and Lenses and to the children and their parents who have shared their stories with us.

Go purchase your copy of the magazine today!  

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